RF LabelTech AS is a new name but the company behind, PrinterLabels AS, is an old well established production company that for over 40 years has been devoted to development and production of specialities. PrinterLabels AS has for many years had 2 focus areas, production and sales of price labels and price guns/handlabellers and manufacturing of barcode labels and anti-theft labels including EM and RFID.

In 2007 PrinterLabels AS was acquired by Limo Labels AS a major label company with branches several places in Europe. The Limo Group currently has a turnover of approx 18 mill. Euro and 75 employees.

Near Future

In 2009 the company began to divide the 2 business areas in PrinterLabels AS meaning that RFID and the other special production was separated from the price label business.

The separation of the 2 business areas will help to optimize and increase focus of both productions. In the middle of 2010 RF LabelTech AS will move into a plant approximately 40 minutes south of Copenhagen in a town called Rønnede.

Recent actions

In the last few years we have made heavy investments in new machinery and education especially in the area of RFID as the technology is developing very rapidly. In late 2007 PrinterLabels AS bought a Bielomatik machine for converting RFID dry and wet inlays and subsequently we qualified to enter into various partnerships with some of the most important suppliers within the RFID industry.


As a company we have been working activly with RFID since 2004 and we have until now converted several million RFID inlays both HF and UHF. Our customers include everything from public enterprises to private industry both domestic and abroad.

Furthermore we participate in various development projects to implement RFID i.e Livestock tagging (www.pigtracker.dk), RFID tagging of reusable packaging, RFID tagging of building materials, RFID labels for high temperature, RFID Cards, Care labels with RFID, Library applications both RFID and EM and RFID for logistics and ticketing.

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