Smart Labels

RFID-smart-labels generally are pressure-sensitive adhesive labels with an integrated transponder.
RF LabelTech AS offers users smart labels for HF and UHF applications. Our high-performance labels are produced on special RFID-production-systems which were manufactured by Bieliomatik. In this way quality defects at the production of RFID-labels, for example by static charge, pressure on chips, sharp edges, etc. are completely excluded.

We produce our RFID smart label for most diverse applications individually in the customer specified format with different materials and the most effective adhesives. For both the transponders and label materials we only use branded quality products.
RF LabelTech AS is able to pre-print RFID labels with up to 10 colors and also to laminate against extreme external influences. We can equip and program smart-labels with variable barcodes and with custom data models also.

For example we can print labels for libraries with 39 different barcodes and program the RFID-chip corresponding to the Danish data model so the labels can be used with both conventional technologies.

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