The currently most widely used label in the electronic article surveillance is an RF-label. These labels are used in almost all sectors, so far from supermarkets, department stores to professional markets.

The construction of an RF label is quite simple. The electronic part of the label is aligned on the bottom and is usually applied directly with a permanent adhesive on the product. A coil which also serves as an antenna is connected to a small capacitor. Together they form a resonant circuit with an external high frequency field of about 8.2 MHz. When a activated label approaches the vicinity of the detectors(Gates), which are usually placed at the exit of a store, the radio-electronic oscillator circuit triggers an alarm. The deactivation of electronic article surveillance is usually be done after payment at the cashpoint either by mechanical control of the electronic part or by electrical manipulation.

The covering material on the top of the label is usually made of paper but can also be PE or PP material. The label can be imprinted with the particular informations by a suitable printer. It also can be pre-imprinted by us, for example with a colored corporate symbol or it could be delivered with a so-called "blindcode". Also conventional is the so-called "nature-version". This is intended for discouraging among the electronic effect as well.

One of the biggest advantages of the RF-label is the low cost and the possibility to combine electronic retail security and pricing as well.
A disadvantage is that an RF tag is always tied to a minimum size and that the electronic oscillator circuit can be relatively easily manipulated by metallic and magnetic objects or electronic devices.

RF-tags are for single use only, so-called "Hard-Tags" in contrast are reusable. In a lot of products (for example shoes) RF-components are implanted during the manufacturing process and will remain there till the end of the products life cycle.

RF LabelTech AS don`t offers RF-labels as a standard product. But if you are interested in individual RF-labels we could produce them for you. Please contact us!

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