"Barcode, barcode, barcode again and again and no end in sight" - that could mean the slogan which describes the success story and the magnitude of barcode. Even if we do appreciate that in the foreseeable future RFID solutions will take over many tasks of the barcode it will remain as a primary tool for product identification for many years. And so consequently the barcode-equipped label.

The barcode has its origin in the USA in the middle of the last century and it is used for identification of wares and products as an EAN-code (European Article Number) in Europe too.Beside the the very important and universally konwn EAN-code a variety of different barcodes are in use for different tasks in our society.There are three different codes: the 1-D-code, the 2-D-code and the 3-D-code. All these codes have been developed in recent decades for a variety of tasks. The goal was and is to keep logistic- and identidication-processes easy and safe. In any case a reading device and a according data-processing-system are required. Modern bar code labels are often used in combination with RFID-components or elements of electronic article surveillance.

RF LabelTech has a very large experience in the production of high quality and functionally barcode labels. Everything is possible, whether as a single-label or integrated in a label solution, combined with a variety of covering materials and adhesives - it`s the decision of the customer. We can use over 40 different types of barcode. Have a question? Just ask!

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