RFID Cards and Hard Tags

For a large number of tasks a normal RFID-tag is not suitable. In this case special solutions such as RFID-cards or RFID-hard-tags are in use.
RFID cards are primarily produced from plastic material or cardboard with the corresponding fixing or lamination.Their operational area is very diverse. Curently they are in use for the identification of persons, for example in passports, admission-tickets for major events or tickets for mass passenger transport.

RFID-hard-tags are mainly produced in solid containers made of plastic.But basically the construction and the used kind of material depends on the requirements, the destination system and the external conditions. Also for hard-tags the applications are very different, for example they can be found in many use cases for logistics.
RF Label Technology provides both RFID-cards and RFID-tags on individual customer's preferences in a variety of specifications and designs.

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